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“A lot of people think that creativity is about freedom. Freedom to act on your ideas, your imagination, but I don’t think that’s true. True creativity comes from restriction and limitation.” – Paul Schrader, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

How We Did It

How We Did It

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One of the reasons I do the blogging thing is to share my experience so others can learn. I’m actually a professional filmmaker. It’s strange for me to type that out, but it’s true. I work for a church and they pay me to make films. I’m not a Hollywood director, so don’t take anything I say as gospel.



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Carlos’ Story from Already Alive on Vimeo. Monday’s mark the first day of the work week. If you are a filmmaker this really doesn’t apply. What film maker has a consistent work week? Well, Mondays are still Mondays and I thought it would be nice to share inspiring work to kick off the week. And Read More


Thirty Seconds

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UPDATE: This commercial won a Silver and Bronze Telly Award!


Directing Part 3

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This is my last post on directing, at least for a while. It just didn’t feel complete with out it being a trilogy. This post also comes after completing the post production of our short film. Thus the reason for the delay on the third and final installment.


Directing Part 2

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Nothing goes completely as planned no matter how much time and effort you’ve put into preproduction. You just can’t control everything especially when you are shooting with very little budget.


Directing Part 1

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At least once a year I get to do a narrative short film. It’s a huge challenge for me, and I enjoy it. The big difference from run and gun docu-short story telling is you can’t be a one man band. You have to build a team. It’s crucial. On this project I decided to Read More


Zacuto Half Cage Review

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A review of Zacuto’s Half Cage.


The Gap

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I love this piece. Inspired by an interview with Ira Glass on the concept of the gap between taste and one’s skills. Daniel Sax has taken great content and added lovely visuals. I think most creatives can relate to this piece. I certainly do.


You Don’t Need No Lights

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Well, the title of the post isn’t necessarily true, but you don’t always need lights. I’m pretty limited on lighting gear. I have access to three ARRI 1K’s, and if I need more I usually rent a couple of 4×4 Kino Flos. I’m not a lighting pro yet, but I usually can see good light Read More