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This past weekend I attended Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion workshop in Nashville. It was definitely worth the price of admission. So that’s one reason I’m posting this 90 second commercial Laforet co-directed for Nike as inspiration for this week. Vincent is a former award winning photojournalist turned commercial director.



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I really like this story The Music Bed did on Jared Hogan, and I can relate to it big time. Jared talks about how he, as a filmmaker, craves affirmation. Affirmation is a big deal to an artist. It’s sort of a sign post for creatives.


Fleck Media

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I don’t post many one minute commercials as inspiration, but this is one I really like. It was directed by a friend of mine, Dave Docimo, the owner of Fleck Media. I’ve worked with Dave several times and have the utmost respect for his work ethic, vision as a director, and business owner.



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If you haven’t checked out Khalid Mohtaseb’s work you must. This guy is the king of super soft light. His work with Variable is incredible, and I find it inspiring. Check out his blog here.



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I never had the honor of meeting Dave Luttrull, but I have worked with his kids Emily and Ben. Emily is writer and producer on a film team I work with. Ben and I use to be in a band together. They are both incredibly talented creatives. If they are a fraction of what Dave Read More



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“A lot of people think that creativity is about freedom. Freedom to act on your ideas, your imagination, but I don’t think that’s true. True creativity comes from restriction and limitation.” – Paul Schrader, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

How We Did It

How We Did It

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One of the reasons I do the blogging thing is to share my experience so others can learn. I’m actually a professional filmmaker. It’s strange for me to type that out, but it’s true. I work for a church and they pay me to make films. I’m not a Hollywood director, so don’t take anything I say as gospel.



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Carlos’ Story from Already Alive on Vimeo. Monday’s mark the first day of the work week. If you are a filmmaker this really doesn’t apply. What film maker has a consistent work week? Well, Mondays are still Mondays and I thought it would be nice to share inspiring work to kick off the week. And Read More


Thirty Seconds

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UPDATE: This commercial won a Silver and Bronze Telly Award!


Directing Part 3

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This is my last post on directing, at least for a while. It just didn’t feel complete with out it being a trilogy. This post also comes after completing the post production of our short film. Thus the reason for the delay on the third and final installment.